Three Little Kids
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The Three Little Kids Meet Wally Wolf: "Healthy Choices or Consequences
Series" written for children ages 3 to 11. Teaches some of the consequences of poor eating habits and physical inactivity,and is meant to help nip the childhood obesity epidemic in the bud. This epidemic is costing our health care system billions of dollars per year and escalates as the obese child becomes an obese adult. This picture book opens the conversation between parent and child around poor eating habits and physical inactivity. It also encourages parents to make
healthier choices for their children.  It includes a food chart and a list of
websites for more information on the subject. 


Author, Marcia Haynes-Cody, RN, B.S.N., has been a registered nurse since 1992.  Spreading the word of
obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is her mission.  Because of their
shared passion for health, Marcia and her husband William Cody have produced
several television and radio
and public service
.  Marcia's first book,Be Healthy! Christian Alternative to Weight Loss Diets, tells how she personally went from size 22 to 16 without dieting, making healthier choices,
being more active and accountable!


Be Healthy! A Christian Alternative to Weight Loss Diets


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